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Wheel Get There

Minnesota Valley Action Council's Wheel Get There program supplies vehicles to people experiencing low income through vehicles we receive as donations.

The majority of those cars are "mechanic's specials." These are vehicles which sell for less than you would pay if buying even from a private party. Some are a short-term temporary solution which sell for about the price we'd get if the car were junked ($400-$600) and some have the potential to be a longer-lasting solution if repaired ($600 and up). Each car is different and each has different potential to serve people in need. The cost of the car varies with age, mileage, and potential to be a long-term solution. Every car destined for a low-income person is test-driven and an under-hood check performed. Every effort is made to match the right car to someone in need.


Minnesota Valley Action Council

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1-800-767-7139 ext. 2446 or 345-0446

or email: Dan Jones

or checkout the following link:



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To donate a vehicle e-mail
Dan Jones at MVAC
call 1-800-767-7139 ext. 446
or 507-345-0446.