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Frequently Asked Questions about MVAC Food Hub

A: We purchase all of our produce from Minnesota farmers. Currently we are sourcing nearly all of our vegetables within 50 miles of Mankato. We occasionally go a bit further out.

A: No, you can pay for your CSA share in 4 installments. You can pay online or in person by cash, credit card or check.

A: Sorry, we don’t offer substitution of items in our CSA.

A: You can either have a friend pick up your box, make arrangements to pick up your box later, or you can designate the box you missed to be donated to a local food shelf.

A: No, but many of our growers use organic practices on their farms. We do encourage our producers to use sustainable farming practices and to be good stewards of the land. We hope that by developing new markets for locally grown foods, we will be encouraging sustainable diversification in crops and growing methods in our region.

A: Anyone can participate in our CSA, there are no income requirements!

A: We offer a subscription program called a CSA, which stands for Community Supported Agriculture. This is the most common way to buy from the hub. Subscribers pick up a weekly box of seasonal fruit and veggies grown right here in Southern Minnesota. Your subscription supports local farmers who are a part of the community.

A: We offer three sizes: Full, Half and Quarter Shares, to meet the needs of each household. Our full share will average 16-20 pounds per week, the half share will be about 8-10 pounds per week and 4-5 pounds per week – but these will vary based on the time of year and availability.

A: You can expect up to 45 varieties of produce during the summer season, along with recipe ideas and information about our growers. You will find some old favorites like strawberries, honeycrisp apples and tomatoes, and are sure to find some new produce you’ve never tried before!

A: The summer CSA season is 18 weeks long and runs Mid-June to Mid-October.

A: Our growers are very much part of the rural community in Southern Minnesota. By participating in the MVAC CSA you are not only supporting Minnesota farm families, but you are supporting a more sustainable, robust, equitable and healthy regional food system.

We have found the CSA model offers us a good compromise between paying our growers a fair price for their vegetables and getting our customers the best price possible. These two priorities are directly in opposition to each other but the CSA marketing model helps us strike a good balance.

A: Three share sizes are available: full (sized for four people who cook at home a lot), half, or quarter. Food Hub prices are comparable to what you’d expect to pay at a supermarket: a full share is $565 (averages out to $31.39/week), a half share is $300 ($16.67/week), and a quarter share is $175 ($9.72/week). To make our CSA even more affordable, you can reserve your share with a 25% deposit and then after 3 more monthly payment your subscription will be paid in full!

A: You can arrange to have a friend or family pick it up for you. Any shares not picked up get donated hunger relief organizations such as the ECHO Food Shelf.

A: Absolutely, we have had several customers split their shares with friends, family and neighbors!

A: Sure, we love it when customers donate a share! All you have to do is note that you would like your share donated in the comments section of your order form and we will make sure your weekly vegetables go to a family in need.