Green Energy and MVAC

Our solar powered building.

The renovation of the old Shopko building began in August 2012. Employees of MVAC were able to move in May of 2013. The new layout allowed for privacy between the MVAC employees and clients, as previously the public had access to all areas. To date, these panels have generated 200,964 kWh of electricity that has provided about 10-12% of our Energy usage. During peak times that can go up to 23% of our electric usage.

MVAC Energy Savings 

New MVAC Bulding - Mankato, MN                 

Solar panels were incorporated into the building’s design in three areas – the south-facing roof above the thrift store entry (middle), as awnings on the west side (left), and on the rooftop (right). Other energy saving steps we took include:

  • Solar Shading devices – used solar panels
  • Occupancy sensors – turns off lights automatically when no movement is detected
  • High efficiency LED light fixtures
  • Exterior lighting on timers
  • Low flow plumbing fixtures
  • High efficiency HVAC unit installed for Conference Rooms
  • Additional building insulation was added to reduce energy costs
  • Additional shading trees for parking to reduce heat island effect
  • Replaced all existing windows with energy efficient Low-E glazing
  • Added new exterior window openings to maximize daylighting
  • Full glass walls on perimeter offices to maximize daylighting (borrowed light)

Recycled material 

MVAC was able to recycle materials from the previous Thrift Store location and the current building as it was deconstructed.

  • Carpet made with recycled content (Thrift Store is 100% recycled carpeting)
  • Salvaged and re-installed existing metal doors, frames windows, & sidelights
  • Recycled glass countertops
  • Re-used MVAC & AGAIN signage from existing building
  • Re-used modular furniture, office equipment, file cabinets, etc.