How Energy Programs Help

Minnesota Valley Action Council provides several different programs to meet the needs of low-income adults/families. Our Energy Related Repair Program, and our Weatherization Program have been continuously making a difference for many families and significantly changing their lives. Here is one testimony from a recipient of a new furnace from the Energy Related Repair Program (ERR), followed by a “Thank you” from a household that received Weatherization (WX):


“When I first reached out to MVAC a few days ago, I had shut off notices and other energy bill issues. My business was hit very hard by COVID. There have been several months with no income at all. I am the sole caretaker of my horses, blind dog, and 88-year-old mother. When our furnace broke down last week, I felt like everything was crumbling around us. MVAC was extremely quick to respond. The application process was simple, and within 1 week we had energy relief and a new working furnace. This grant may well have kept us in our home and helped me to keep the equine therapy business open until things get better. It’s not about pride. When we need help, we just need help. I would encourage anyone experiencing difficulties to reach out to MVAC.

With gratitude,

Sara Sinnard”


MVAC  WX staff received a phone call from a grateful family. We weatherized their house in Sherburn last fall. Last week, his wife made muffins in the evening and then they sat at the table playing cards. At about 11:30 pm, the CO/smoke detector that we installed sounded and told them to evacuate because the CO level was 82ppm. They called the fire department and they found that a regulator in their gas oven had gone bad and the gas company red-tagged the oven. They are grateful for the CO/smoke detector that worked so well!