Purchasing CSA Shares

Purchasing a CSA share is easy and affordable! Three size options (full, half, or quarter) means that you can pick the amount perfect for you and your family. You’ll find the price of each of these sizes to be very close to what it would cost to buy a similar amount of produce at a supermarket, except you’ll be getting fresher, tastier produce with a longer shelf life.

Plus, your CSA purchase will directly benefit local small-farm families, help MVAC in providing assistance to local low-income families, and decrease the environmental impact of agriculture and food transportation.

The Winter CSA season runs October through January. Your bi-weekly box will include a fresh, healthy mix of items you’re familiar with, and will occasionally give you a chance to try something new. You’ll receive emails letting you know what to expect in your next box, as well as nutritional information on each item and tips on how to prepare, serve and store it.

SNAP recipients can also take advantage of the Food Hub by contacting MVAC. Learn more.


CSA boxes will be available for pickup bi-weekly at MVAC’s offices (706 N. Victory Drive in Mankato). In addition, we’ll look into providing additional pickup sites to make it as easy as possible for our customers.

Buy Local Food Now

Purchase or reserve your CSA share by clicking the link below, and check out other Food Hub merchandise!