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Sponsor a Child in Head Start

Help a Child by Donating Monies

Unfortunately, there is a greater need to supply students with materials than our budget allows. With your donation, we can help supplement our normal activities with these supplies.

Your donation could cover some of the following:

  • $5 – pay for book(s)
  • $10 – pay for paper supplies
  • $25 – for children’s snacks
  • $50 – for music (CD’s, tapes & small instruments, etc.)
  • $75 – art supplies (paints, easels, brushes, etc.)
  • $100 – a visit to the dentist
  • Other – small equipment & materials
Sponsor A Child MNVAC

Tax Deductable Donations

These are just some of the things that could be bought. With a donation, you can get a tax deduction on your tax form.

For more information, contact Child Development Services Director at 1-800-767-7139.